FedEx Now PrePay

Add funds to your FedEx Now account before you book by using our PrePay service.

What is PrePay?

PrePay is a service that allows you to add funds to your FedEx Now account ahead of booking. Save time and avoid having to enter your payment details every time you book a parcel.

Faster shipping

faster shipping

Book a parcel in seconds by having your FedEx Now account already topped up.

Easy way to pay

easy way to pay

Don’t waste time entering your card details with every booking - just choose PrePay at checkout.

Automatic top ups

easy way to pay

Set up Auto PrePay so your FedEx Now account is topped up automatically once it drops below your chosen amount.

Setting up Auto PrePay

By choosing to enable Auto PrePay, your account will automatically top up once your balance drops under an amount of your choosing.

Once you click ‘Enable’, select the payment account you’d like automatic payments to be taken from and how much you’d like to top up each time.

You can change the amounts and frequency of top ups on your account, as well as pausing Auto PrePay, whenever you need to.

How to use FedEx Now PrePay

  1. Set up your FedEx Now account
  2. Go to your ‘PrePay balance’ and choose to add PrePay
  3. Enter the amount you’d like to top up by


You can find your PrePay balance in your FedEx Now account and you can view the amount in the booking process.
The minimum amount you can top your account up by is £20. There is no maximum.
Yes. You’ll receive an email confirmation every time you top up your FedEx Now account.